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Community Matters!

Declaring that we are a neighborhood brewery for all ages, races, genders and lovers isn't just something we like to say; it's something we like to show in our actions, words and deeds.

Here are a few ways we are connecting to our motto:

We #havereverence for Local Vendors!
We love our community! Not only is the neighborhood of City Park West full of amazingly rad people, we are surrounded by local vendors making amazing products! n8 uses Root Shoot Malting for malt, Propogate Lab for yeast, Wild Goose Filling for our canning equipment and CanSource for our cans.
We buy + sell local snack products such as Smith + Canon Ice CreamDenver Chip Company and Oogies Popcorn. Our merchandise is even printed down the street at
Street2Life Print Shop!

We #havereverence for Artists!

Thanks to a small business loan from the Colorado Enterprise Fund, we bought a canning line! Wild Goose Filling has delivered our Gosling + we sell cans of SANGUINE HAZY IPA + SIC MEXICAN LAGER directly from the taproom. Our first round of can art was created by our dear friend Ken Marunowski and we are looking for a local artist to jump onboard for our next round of cans! Each artist featured on our cans will financially benefit with each can sold and will get their artwork + info into the hands of our customers. Check out our social pages to stay (at)tuned for more information!

We #havereverence for People Doing Good Work!

Opening our doors meant that we would commit to finding ways to uplift our surrounding community. We immediately found Street2Life Print Shop and began working with them to fire off 

some great merchandise and support an amazing organization 

doing the work. We also pledge to give 1% of our yearly net profits to a local nonprofit organization that fights against inequality. By involving our social media community, as well as patrons of the brewery, your voices will be heard on which organization in Denver is doing an amazing job at fighting the good fight. Our 2021 recipient was Florence Crittenton Services, a nonprofit that educates, prepares, and empowers teen mothers and their children.

We #havereverence for Being an Ally!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an ally as "one that is associated with another as a helper". Learning from this definition and recognizing our privilege as cis, white business owners, we understand that it is our responsibility to listen more than talk. Our staff will continually receive training on best practices to uplift people in the non-dominant culture and we will never allow someone to feel unsafe at RBC.

Fantastic beers and even better people! Denver has great beer but a lot of places lack heart. That heart is in everything they make at Reverence! If you don't believe me go there yourself and you'll understand what I'm saying!

— Derek G.


They curate the vibe! SUPER friendly and knowledgeable staff, great beers and they even brew four delicious root beer varieties, killer unique interior vibe with a great patio area out front. 10/10 will return.

— Alex J.

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